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 203/5000 Monolithic ceramic capacitors (commonly known as patch capacitors) are commonly used components with a relatively large amount at present. In terms of patch capacitors produced by AVX company, there are different specifications such as NPO, X7R, Z5U and Y5V, which have different USES. Below, we only introduce the commonly used NPO, X7R, Z5U and Y5V, their performance and application, as well as the matters that should be paid attention to in procurement to attract your attention. Different companies may have different naming methods for capacitors with different performances mentioned above. Here we refer to the naming method of AVX company. For products of other companies, please refer to the product manual of this company  


     Ҽ NPO 

  • (27)

  •      b DC=50V DC=100V 
             0805 0.5---1000pF 0.5---820pF 
             1206 0.5---1200pF 0.5---1800pF 
             1210 560---5600pF 560---2700pF 
              2225 1000pF---0.033F 1000pF---0.018F 

         X7RQضȷ͵մض-55浽+125r׃15%Ҫ]Ǵ˕r׃ǷǾԵġ X7Rڲͬ늉lʗlDzͬģҲSrg׃׃sÿ10׃1%CF10׃˼s5% X7RҪҪ󲻸ߵĹIãҮ늉׃r׃ǿԽܵėl¡Ҫcͬweı^±oX7Rxȡ 

          b DC=50V DC=100V 
    0805 330pF---0.056F 330pF---0.012F 
    1206 1000pF---0.15F 1000pF---0.047F 
    1210 1000pF---0.22F 1000pF---0.1F 
    2225 0.01F---1F 0.01F---0.56F 


            b DC=25V DC=50V 
    0805 0.01F---0.12F 0.01F---0.1F 
    1206 0.01F---0.33F 0.01F---0.27F 
    1210 0.01F---0.68F 0.01F---0.47F 
    2225 0.01F---1F 0.01F---1F 
    ضȹ +10 --- +85 
    ض +22% ---- -56% 

  • (7)
  • ɫɫɫС˵,Ůpͼ,õСp 4% 

            b DC=25V DC=50V 
    0805 0.01F---0.39F 0.01F---0.1F 
    1206 0.01F---1F 0.01F---0.33F 
    1210 0.1F---1.5F 0.01F---0.47F 
    2225 0.68F---2.2F 0.68F---1.5F 

    ضȹ -30 --- +85 
    ض +22% ---- -82% 
    |p 5%



              (2)xȼe۵Ƭľ103µģ侫ȿ_J5%103τtJ^٣K10%Ӷࣻ104τtM20%磬C·У鱣CܷҪC0G ϼJƬմICԴҪBҼ0.1PF·ݣtxϣMȵƬմ@ӼܱCaƷҪܽͮaƷɱ



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  •       5)_ʽƬ΢{ò庸]ʽƬ΢{ò庸

           (6)In many circuit diagrams abroad, it is often seen that the capacitor of "OS -- CON" trademark is the organic semiconductor aluminum solid electrolytic capacitor produced by SANYO company in Japan. Its biggest characteristic is that although it is an electrolytic capacitor, it has the same high frequency characteristics as a film capacitor. Secondly, the equivalent series resistance is small and insensitive to temperature. The third is through the larger ripple current. For example, when using 30uH and 1500uF/10v aluminum electrolytic capacitor to form LC filter, if using os-con electrolytic capacitor (L unchanged), as long as 22uF/20V capacitor can achieve the effect





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